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An Arctic Seabird Guide, Extraordinary Mangroves & the Joys of Slow Travel

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UN/MAPPED: Stories from                                          the world's remote places
EXPLORING                                                    INDONESIA WITH                                                    RENOWNED                                                    ANTHROPOLOGIST                                                    LAWRENCE BLAIR
Lawrence Blair, filmmaker of the award-winning documentary series Ring of Fire, first visited Indonesia in the early 1970s, and he really never left. Before Blair joins us as a guest speaker on board National Geographic Orion this November, watch as he recalls his first trip to the extraordinary island nation, including his early days working with Lindblad Expeditions.
GULLS, GANNETS                                                    AND GUILLEMOTS: A                                                    GUIDE TO ARCTIC                                                    SEABIRDS
Wherever we travel, we’re thankfully never too far from seabirds, especially in the Arctic. Naturalist and avian expert Jamie Coleman highlights 11 of the most exciting species we encounter at the top of the world.
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7 REASONS TO                                                    TRY A TRANSATLANTIC                                                    VOYAGE
You could simply hop a plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean but then you would be missing out—on the romance and adventure of life on the high seas, on the chance to step foot on remote islands visited by only the most intrepid explorers, and on the many restorative benefits of slow travel.
THE                                                    EXTRAORDINARY                                                    MANGROVES OF THE                                                    GALÁPAGOS
Mangrove forests are some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet, able to grow in bodies of water and withstand high levels of salinity. In celebration of International Mangrove Day, discover the importance of these precious habitats for iconic Galápagos species like the red-footed booby, and how we can best protect them.
EPIC ICE, STUNNING                                            WILDLIFE & A DARING                                            HISTORY Get to Know                                            Antarctica and South Georgia
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