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Un/Mapped: A Guide to Galápagos, Australia’s Bungle Bungle Range and the World’s Last Ocean

Lindblad Expeditions -                                            National Geographic
UN/MAPPED: Stories from                                          the world's remote places
CELEBRATING OUR                                                    NEWEST SHIP IN THE                                                    GALÁPAGOS
Just weeks before her inaugural sailing to the Galápagos, our newest ship, the National Geographic Islander II, was blessed in a joyous ceremony off the coast of Ecuador. Watch as our friends, crew, local officials, and dozens of fishing boats join us to celebrate this truly Ecuadorian vessel.
INSIDE THE                                                    REMARKABLE ROSS SEA,                                                    THE WORLD'S LAST                                                    OCEAN
Our new Epic Antarctica voyage ventures into the icy waters of the Ross Sea, following in the wake of history's boldest explorers. One of the world's most pristine places, this southernmost sea is also noted for its legacy of scientific research and a surprisingly abundant variety of life—including a third of the world's emperor penguins.
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A GUIDE TO FIVE                                                    UNIQUE ISLANDS OF                                                    THE GALÁPAGOS
Introduced to the Galápagos by her father Sven Lindblad, Isabella Lindblad (pictured above in 2002) has been exploring this famed archipelago since she was two years old. Here, she shares some of her favorite details about these remarkable islands, from Genovesa with its enormous bird colonies to Floreana's one-of-a-kind post office.
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10 INCREDIBLE                                                    FACTS ABOUT                                                    AUSTRALIA'S BUNGLE                                                    BUNGLE RANGE
Thousands of striped rock cones resembling giant beehives create the stunningly dramatic landscape of Australia's Bungle Bungle Range. See what makes this unrivaled geological wonder a highlight of our trips to the Kimberley region, plus learn about the ancient life forms who make it all possible.
THE ALLURING                                                    HISTORY OF THE MOST                                                    BEAUTIFUL SHIP IN                                                    THE WORLD
A legend both of her time and today, Sea Cloud harkens back to the Golden Age of sailing. First owned by socialite Marjorie Merriweather Post, who spared no expense when it came to furnishings, this luxurious ship has lived many lives—from her record-breaking beginnings to days as a warship and a pleasure palace.
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