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Un/Mapped: South Georgia’s Wildlife Spectacle, Bucket-List Family Trips and Art Meets Nature in the Galápagos

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UN/MAPPED: Stories from                                          the world's remote places
IN CONVERSATION                                                    WITH                                                    ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE                                                    LOUIS HENRY                                                    MITCHELL
On a recent trip to the Galápagos, Lindblad Expeditions CEO Dolf Berle was joined by a special artist-in-residence traveling aboard. Watch as he talks with Louis Henry Mitchell, Sesame Workshop’s Creative Director for Character Design, about the islands' iconic wildlife, the power of igniting your imagination, and more.
10 TRAVEL                                                    DESTINATIONS TO                                                    BRING THE FAMILY                                                    TOGETHER
When seen alongside your loved ones, the world's most unbelievable destinations are made all the more special. Explore these bucket-list adventures that have something for every member of the family, whether that’s encountering penguins in Antarctica, hiking volcanic landscapes in Iceland, or ziplining through a Costa Rican rainforest.
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SOUTH GEORGIA                                                    AND THE FALKLANDS:                                                    WHERE FEW HAVE GONE                                                    BEFORE
There is a wildlife spectacle waiting in South Georgia unlike anything you've seen before: tens of thousands of penguins crowding one beach, enormous elephant seals hauled-out on shore, and flocks of seabirds soaring above. Plus, in the Falklands, white-sand beaches host their share of irresistible penguins. Get a glimpse of what it's like and then plan to join us there this October.
LEGENDS AND                                                    LORE OF THE HUDSON                                                    RIVER VALLEY
New York's Hudson River Valley has more spirits and legends than most other places in the country, says Jonathan Kruk, a master storyteller known for dramatic renditions of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and other fabled spooky tales. As we prepare for a series of three unique voyages along the river this October, Kruk talks to us about ghost stories, haunted spirits, and of course, Halloween.
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NEW ZEALAND'S                                                    EXTRAORDINARY                                                    SUBANTARCTIC                                                    ISLANDS
Beyond New Zealand's lush valleys and verdant hillsides, another world awaits. Distant, rugged, and wild, the subantarctic isles are among the most rarely seen and least-disturbed regions of our planet. Find out what makes this UNESCO heritage site a haven for endemic plants and animals.
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