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Fwd: Indulge in the world of Mediterranean cuisine

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A Chef’s Guide to Delicious Málaga
Málaga, Spain

A feast for the eyes and palate, taste Málaga’s largest food market which is modelled after Les Halles Paris. Shop with a local chef, sit at a table in a famed local restaurant, and experience the art of tapas, local wine, and an experience ¡Qué rico!, so tasty!

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Mykonos                                                          Image
Greek Olive Oil Tasting
Mykonos, Greece

A journey towards an amazing world of aromas, flavours and a new life begins from tasting a glass of olive oil. An expert in virgin olive oil tasting will teach you how to taste and evaluate what Homer called Liquid Gold, and learn how to use this elixir for good health and strength.

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Fiskardo                                                          Image
Idyllic Ionian Cooking Experience
Fiskardo, Kefalonia, Greece

An idyllic Ionian cooking experience awaits with all the right ingredients: a charming little hilltop village; a cosy home with enormous views; a culinary couple who help you prepare authentic recipes served with laughter and cheer, and an immersive taste of Kefalonia.

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Civitavecchia Image
Tuscan Truffle Hunting
Civitavecchia, Italy

For those who hunger for a deeper cultural connection to Italy, this is your opportunity to venture into the Roman countryside; to enjoy a 30-minute drive through pastoral lands and to gather with a family in their farmhouse kitchen to learn the fine art of making pasta with a recipe that has been passed down for generations.

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Maiden                                                          Journey Image

A Maiden Journey into Mare Nostrum
Barcelona to Athens, 11 nights
31 May – 11 June 2023

A Maiden Journey to reveal the hidden secrets, wonders and pleasures of the Mediterranean.
Feel the passion that inspired the imagery of Picasso and Miro?. Discover the hidden secrets of the Côte d'Azur and fall in love with Rome before a summer breeze carries you to the majesty that is Istanbul and onto Athens.

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A Journey                                                          to Blessed                                                          Islands of                                                          Bohemia

A Journey to Blessed Islands of Bohemia
Athens to Barcelona, 8 nights
17 June – 25 June 2023

Awash with windmills and castles, sunsets and epic nightlife, we journey to playgrounds where the sun shines on bronze bodies and the party never ends. After an overnight stay in the A-listers’ Mykonos, we’re heading to the majestic Maltese island of Gozo, before exploring the sultry and suave Ibiza for a long overnight stay.

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Moorish                                                          Gems Image

Moorish Gems of Andalusia, the Algarve & Lisbon
Barcelona to Lisbon, 7 nights
25 June – 2 July 2023

The Costa del Sol shines a light on Malaga, and our overnight allows for a deep immersion to Alhambra, a grandiose palace built by the Moors. We thread the Strait of Gibraltar to slip into Cadiz, our gateway to Sevilla and the marvels of Andalusia. Next, we seek the famed beaches of the Algarve where views leave you in awe, right before enjoying an overnight in Lisbon, an enchanted eden that ignites all the senses.

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