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Vacation Packages

Vacation Packages

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Your the type that wants to relax on vacation and have nothing to worry about. If you're looking for true relaxation, with no added worry, then check out our travel packages. All the details are taken care of, enjoy yourself and your vacation!

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The holidays are a special time. We come together to share the gift of laughter, joy and re-connecting with the people who mean the most to us.
This year, why not celebrate the holidays in style, by booking your family on a holiday tour?
Forget hosting aunts, uncles and cousins from far and wide, stressing out as you try to stretch out that holiday ham and fit extra chairs around the table. Stop trying to find ways to entertain your in-laws. Let Elite Cruises and Travel make all the arrangements to create the perfect holiday tour for your entire family.
Christmas, Hanukah and New Year’s Eve are particularly important, when families everywhere get a break from work to spend with their loved ones.
The perfect way to relax on your next holiday is to spend it at luxury resort, or on a cruise around the sunny Caribbean. Let someone else cook the turkey and set the table, while you and your family swim, read and relax by the pool.
There’s no need to limit your imagination. Elite Cruises and Travel can create the perfect holiday tour in any corner of the world.
Imagine switching the “white” in “white Christmas” from snow to sand! With Paul Gauguin Cruises, we can arrange for your family to spend Christmas and New Year’s on the warm, white sand beaches of the South Pacific. Celebrate with champagne toasts, outrigger canoes and classic French cuisine on a deluxe cruise of French Polynesia’s Society Islands. There are even group discounts available, so the more the merrier!
If it just doesn’t seem right to celebrate Christmas holidays without snow or ice, Elite Cruises and Travel can arrange a holiday tour to Antarctica. December is the peak of the Antarctic summer, and what better way to celebrate the New Year than to experience the world’s most remote vacation destination? Follow in the footsteps of the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton, as you tour the Deception Islands and the rest of Antarctica, while enjoying Christmas carols, a visit from Santa Claus and traditional Norwegian glogg.
There’s no reason to limit the idea of a holiday vacation to the end of the year. Songs have been written about the beauty of Paris in the springtime, so why not have your family celebrate Easter on a deluxe Trafalgar tour of Northern France? You can also celebrate Valentine’s Day by seeing the romance of Italy with Tauck Tours.
You can even celebrate what makes our country great by spending time in our newest state! Let Elite Cruises and Travel book your family on a 4th of July Alaskan Cruise, where you can pay tribute to American independence by exploring the glaciers, whales and mountains of our northern frontier.
There are so many holidays, and so many reasons to celebrate, so let Elite Cruises and Travel make your next holiday memorable for you and your family. Let us arrange the perfect holiday tour for you.


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