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70% off a 2nd Sailor + free balcony upgrades

This summer, boost your commissions by offering your clients a luxurious getaway where every detail is meticulously crafted to awe.

With 70% off a 2nd Sailor on all voyages (including our brilliant new 2025 and 2026 itineraries!) and The Sea Terrace for the price of The Sea View on most 2024 sailings (that’s a free balcony upgrade and up to $325 in savings!), it’s the perfect opportunity to swap those dreary office reports for our Virgin-red balcony hammock.

Provide an experience of luxury as it truly should be: with over $1,000 in added value, including gourmet dining, tips, Wi-Fi, and group workouts, plus the flexible booking policies your clients need. Because when you book them with us, you’re not just turning them into Sailors — you’re introducing them to an epic vacation that will keep them coming back for more.

People doing yoga.

We can’t wait for your Sailors to experience sailing The Virgin Way. So for a limited time, if your Sailors are members of a different cruise company’s loyalty program, we’ll fast track them with Sailing Club Status Match and hook them up with Blue Extras as early as their first sailing — bypassing the requirements needed to unlock membership and this first bundle of perks. Click to view more details to get started.


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