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Elite Cruises and Travel, 877-294-4043 is a proud representative of Lindblad Expeditions and

National Geographic Cruises and Tours

Lindblad and National Geographic cover the world by land and by sea.

10 reasons to travel with Lindblad and National Geographic:

Venturing to the ends of the earth takes experience – and Lindblad Expeditions has more than 50 years’ experience turning vacationers into active and engaged explorers. Come aboard and discover a world of adventure travel you never knew existed.

1.  National Geographic partnership. This collaboration in exploration between two like-minded organizations provides research, technology and conservation for extraordinary travel experiences you simply cannot find anywhere else.

2.  Engaging Experts. Our Naturalists and Historians are true experts in their fields. And they, along with our National Geographic cruise guest experts, are always available for questions and casual conversation.

3.  Everything is included. Unless it is an item of a personal nature or special arrangements (e.g. flightseeing over glaciers), everything you need to have a perfectly complete experience is included with your expedition.

4.  Innovation and tools for exploration. Our ships are equipped with kayaks and Zodiacs to take you into wild places safely, and utilize underwater video and audio technology that will bring the seldom seen or hear to vivid life.

5.  Expeditions, not tours. Whether it’s on or off the beaten track, we bring adventure to travel by taking small groups to special places for distinctive and exclusive encounters with nature.

6. Flexibility, spontaneity and freedom. Our thoughtfully crafted itineraries are built to include those often magical opportunities to experience nature’s unplanned events.

7.  Fine food and accommodations. Skillfully prepared and presented regional cuisine, comfortable quarters and our wellness program make pleasure a significant part of the expedition experience.

8.  Insider access. Thanks to our long history of exploration we are able to provide insider and many times exclusive access to some of the world’s most interesting places and people.

9. Relaxed and informal atmosphere. Casual clothes and a matching attitude are our hallmarks: no need to dress up, and many opportunities for fun, adventure and laughter.

10. Respect for our world. We travel in an environmentally responsible manner. And, we donate funds, time and resources, often in partnership with local organizations and our guests, to protect or restore the world’s wild places.

When Lars-Eric Lindblad set out with the first groups of expedition travelers in the late 1950’s, he was following his passion to discover unknown places and to share the unique cultural and environmental aspects of these places with others. These first adventure travel expeditions led many to define him as the father of “eco-tourism.”

Early expeditions in those days included destinations such as Easter Island, the Galápagos Islands, the Amazon, Papua New Guinea, China and Bhutan — all with the focus of creating experiences that foster an understanding and appreciation of the most remote and pristine places on the globe. In Antarctica, where Lindblad also pioneered expedition travel, the US Geological Survey mapped a cove in Lars-Eric’s name, Lindblad Cove, on Trinity Peninsula.
Sven-Olof Lindblad, Lars’ son, traveled extensively with his father, learning early on the joy and wonder of exploring the pristine corners of the globe. As a young man, Sven spent six years in East Africa photographing elephants and wildlife and assisting filmmakers on a documentary about the destruction of African rainforests. This early and deep exposure to the balance between man’s relationship to natural resources was instrumental in Sven’s efforts over the years, to find ways for his business to help preserve natural resources and get involved in conservation efforts.

In 1979, Sven Lindblad founded Special Expeditions as a division of Lindblad Travel, enabling the company to further its mission of offering innovative and educational travel expeditions that were primarily marine focused. Offerings expanded to Costa Rica, Baja California, and gorgeous Alaska cruises providing travelers with opportunities to explore, with small ship cruises, the islands, coves and open spaces of the sea that reminded Lindblad of the remote and vast expanse of the Serengetti plains. The company’s name was later changed to Lindblad Expeditions.

Today the company is focused on finding creative ways to explore the places already “discovered.” Their growing fleet of small expedition ships, Zodiacs, sea kayaks, onboard Naturalists and underwater cameras are all examples of how Lindblad continually strives to help open the eyes of our guests when it comes to truly exploring. They do this because they believe the more their guests connect with these incredible places, the more they will become a force for preserving and protecting them.

Under the guidance of experienced leaders who have a great respect for natural and cultural environments, Lindblad Expeditions continues to approach expedition travel as a catalyst for making a difference in one’s life, and in the world.

“All the animals and land throughout the planet are held in trust by us. We have no right to destroy or change this heritage so that it becomes unrecognizable. We have a duty to pass the planet along to future generations in as unspoiled a way as possible. This requires intelligence, foresight, understanding and creative effort.”
– Lars-Eric Lindblad from his book Passport to Anywhere

The Lindblad Expeditons and National Geographic Society Partnership

The multifaceted strategic alliance that Lindblad Expeditions has with the National Geographic Society (NGS), enables Lindblad travelers to participate in the world of natural and cultural history as engaged, active explorers who care about the planet.

This is an alliance of two exploration pioneers in an innovative program to remote and pristine destinations around the globe. On board, guests interact with world-renowned scientists, naturalists and researchers and uncover stunning natural environments alongside skilled specialists utilizing state-of-the-art exploration tools.

Formed in 2004, the partnership with National Geographic encompasses the following key elements:

• Lindblad ships become a platform for enhancing the expedition experience for all guests by including National Geographic experts, photographers, visits to field sites of National Geographic-funded grantees, forums on board around current events and world issues, and participation by fellowship-funded teachers of geography and other subjects.

• Exclusive marine partners – Beginning in 2008, National Geographic Expeditions will work solely with LEX on marine itineraries to create and deliver exceptional expeditions that feature NGS experts and educational programs.

• Expedition technology including bow cameras, ROVs, kayaks, undersea cameras, hydrophones, video-microscopes, crittercams or a range of new tools for exploration. Click here to learn more about our Tools For Exploration.

• Continued support of conservation and sustainability initiatives through an advisory panel of world-class researchers, scientists and explorers, including oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Sylvia Earle and Greg Marshall, Executive Producer and Director of National Geographic’s Remote Imaging Program. NGS and LEX have also established a fund to support science and conservation groups working to better understand the world’s remaining special places.

Additionally, Sven-Olof Lindblad, founder and president, was recently appointed to the National Geographic Society’s Conservation Trust Advisory Board, a move that reflects National Geographic’s growing commitment to geotourism.

“National Geographic was founded more than a century ago based on the aspirations of individuals who wanted to see and understand the world, and share their knowledge with as many people as possible. Together with Lindblad, we are enhancing opportunities for research and discovery for Lindblad guests and everyone who cares about the planet.”
– John Fahey, president and CEO, National Geographic Society

Land and Sea Destinations:

Baja California
British & Irish Isles
Costa Rica & Panama
New Zealand
Pacific Northwest
Photo Expeditions
South America
Southeast Asia & the Pacific 

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